Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world and which is often subjected to quality issues always. KPPL provides a FIBERCRETE® solutions for all concrete construction projects world wide.

Construction of buildings and infrastructure projects around us happens using varieties of materials depending on the purpose and location of the site. Concrete structures are built to serve many generations to come. But concrete is also affected by the stresses and strains of everyday life as human beings.

Any improvements in the concrete is a benefit of all users. Improvements can include strength, durability, cost, ease of application. We need to keep concrete structures in service as long as possible by reducing the life-cycle costs.

KPPL has developed a FIBERCRETE® a complete range of Synthetic Micro & Macro Fibers for Concrete and Mortar applications. These Synthetic Fibers enhance specific properties of the fresh and hardened concrete such as workability, segregation & bleeding, shrinkage, compressive & flexural strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, durability etc.




Technical Yarns & Tapes

The future of technology in Technical Textiles is being embraced today.

Wires & Cables

Great inputs translates to great outputs and we innovate with the soul of atmanirbhar in mind to develop RM for Cable Industry


Premium packaging & other value added services for Aggrotech Industry.