Electrical Wires and Cables are the backbone of any Country, as they carry communications needed for all kinds of industrial uses. Digital transformational needs are accelerated by supplying raw materials from KPPL to leading Cable Companies.

KPPL offers Polypropylene Yarns, Cable Identification Tapes, RIP Cords & Nylon Cords with wide range of specifications for Power and Network Cable industries in which they are widely used for copper cables, instrumentation cables, telecommunication wires, optic fibers, automotive cables, submarine cables etc.

Yarns and Tapes are used for binding cluster of wires, tubes or conductors and for filling the void spaces or gap which is created due to more number of conductors within the cable insulators. Flat & Twisted Yarns are offered and Cable Fillers with flame retardant grade as well.

The matter which is printed on the Polypropylene Tapes is used for identifying the different phases of electricity throughout their connection path and matter includes the details of network service provider like Company Name, Originality of Cable, Length of Cable etc.

Certain high tenacity RIP cords are used for opening the sheath of the insulators in order to expose wires during installation without any damage for wires. These RIP cords are introduced parallel to the wires within the insulating jackets.




Technical Yarns & Tapes

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