Inspire, Ideate, Innovate: These 3 Values imbibed in us by our Founder Nama Srinivas stand by in good faith in Whole Team Today at KPPL.

INSPIRATION: As Human Being we are a cocktail of emotions and nothing more, Inspiration being described as a process of mental stimulation to do something creative captures the ethos at KPPL in a very beautiful manner, new challenges inspire us, solving customers problems inspires us. Inspiration to each KPPL-ian to look forward to a brighter tomorrow inspires us and the thought of leaving this world in a better today than yesterday inspires us .
We Inspire our People, Customers, Partners to dream and achieve #atmanirbhar for the Country and progress to the World.

IDEATION: To Imagine and conceive the idea is what we do best at KPPL. We have solved and continue to solve many challenges using Frugal simple methods adding value to different Genres and different customers.
Ideation is a everyday job at KPPL, new challenges, new methods to existing process, systems is the buzz all the time. We imbibe Kaizen, 5S, Lean concepts to create our own hybrid version of an Ideation way of life at KPPL and constantly work with consultants on Six Sigma and Zero Defect Production strategies.

INNOVATION: We strongly believe Inspiration and Ideation together lead to Innovation which is the final pillar of values based on Design Thinking and Out of the box solutions.
Ideation is only an idea and add a pinch of dream aspiration and inspiration. The Innovation is born, a lot of the machines at KPPL are customised with SPM Machines catering to unique functions nowhere seen across the industry. It is this constant need to challenge our belief systems that gives us strength to grow and to evolve to be updated and finally to innovate new solutions and meeting customer needs without compromise on Quality.


To be an organization that creates WIN-WIN-WIN Ecosystem to the Clients, Partners and Employees and Innovate with long term Sustainability in mind.


To be the most Competitive and Preferred Manufacturer for Tapes, Yarns, Concrete Fibers and many more...


Any organisation thrives, if the Culture of the organisation is well grounded to the values of each individual aspires to cherish along the way. We believe in giving free hand to employees to explore and take individual responsibility and to be a team player. The whole team is united at KPPL when it comes to traditions of yearly festivities during national holidays etc. Team Building exercises and Team Outings are also encouraged at KPPL.