KPPL offers a complete range of Technical Yarns & Tapes for high performance industrial applications.

KPPL is producing the finest quality of PolypropyleneYarns in the form of Fibrillation, Multifilament and Twisted. These yarns are hard & strong in texture and UV stabilized to meet the specific functional requirements of the intended end use in Geo-textiles, Carpets Backing, Textiles & Apparels, Artificial Turfs, Knitting, Braiding, Weaving, Filter Fabrics, Ropes, Tarpaulins, Bag Closing Threads, Brooms, Shaded Nets and many more.

We are expertise in producing Anti-Static Yarns that are utilized for applications where electro-static discharge is a key performance factor. Fibrillated Yarns are also offered in 2PLY & 3PLY series. Multifilament with Air Intermingled Yarns are also produced to enhance better protection of the yarns & for smooth needle passing during stitching operations.

KPPL has stepped up significantly to reduce Plastic Waste Pollution by implementing “Bio-Degradable Plastics” in the production line as a Sustainable Development Goal. We can make our products Biodegradable in the coming quarters.




Wires & Cables

Great inputs translates to great outputs and we innovate with the soul of atmanirbhar in mind to develop RM for Cable Industry


Premium packaging & other value added services for Aggrotech Industry.


Catering to enhance the quality of today’s construction to be strong for the generation of tomorrow.